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TPi locking bolts set the highest standards in the industry. Cold-forged locking bolts can achieve 12.9 Class in strength, are coated with 96 hours Triple Nickel Chrome finish and are 100% manually and visually tested.

TPi locking bolts are conveniently packed in TPi clamshell with 4 locking bolts, 1 key and 1 Key ID Card.

TPi's anti-theft wheel lock systems fasten wheels, at the same time protecting them from theft.

All wheel locks function like a regular lug nut, but require a special key tool for installation and removal.


  • Narrow Groove Patterns - resistant to the intrusion of lock removal tools.

  • Heat Treated - Every locking bolt undergoes heat treatment reaching the hardness required for it's unsurpassed level of security.

  • Perfect fit - Extreme accuracy in tolerances give a perfect fit every time.


Our TPi Polarised lock bolts have all the quality features of our regular bolts, but have a standard hex for fastening, and have the unique neo-chrome polarised finish from that will not fade or tarnish. These perfectly match our Polarised hex bolts. Give your wheels that special touch.

TPI (Taper Pro) is solely imported in the UK by:
Sixonetwo Ltd
Unit 12 Premier Business Park
Dencora Way
Luton LU3 3HP

01582 592207