TPi set out to create a regular nuts for the luxury and European market, and went far beyond industry standards to bring a product to the market that is unmatched in quality.

Steel Bulge Acorn Nuts

The seating surface is designed to meet the wider seating surface used on some aluminum wheels. Also, Bulge area can prevent the socket or adapter to scratch the wheels.

Exceeding OEM standards

TPi Lug Nut are manufactured to meet or exceed the OEM standard for safety
and durability. TPi ensure their wheel nuts can withstand three times more torque than that of OEM comparative wheel nuts.

Available in a wide range of colours.





Zinc, Triple Nickel/ Chrome


Zinc 72 hours Salt Spray Test, Triple Nickel/ Chrome 96 hours Salt Spray Test

Hardness Treatment:


The seating surface is designed to meet the wider seating surface used on some aluminum wheels. In addition, the raised bulge section can prevent the sockets or adapters from scratching the wheels.



Polarised Race Nuts

Our TPi Polarised race nuts are a cut above the rest, and will finish your look perfectly. They feature a standard hex for fastening, and have the unique neo-chrome polarised finish that will not fade or tarnish.

In addition to stunning looks, these wheels have the added functionality of a knurled head for hand-turning and a spinning collar to protect the paintwork inside your bolt pockets. Give your wheels that special touch.

Black Race Nuts

Tuner Nuts

TPi SD (Small Diameter) Tuner Lug nuts are designed to fit perfectly in small diameter Tuner type wheels. These nuts offer better gripping surface and greater torque power than regular fasteners. Available in a variety of colours to match your wheels. Each set of tuner nut in clamshell package includes 20 pcs nut+1 key.

(1) Small Diameter: AISI1008-1010

(2) Hex Socket: 50BV30

Zinc/Triple Nickel/Chrome/Scratch free Colour Anodized

Triple Nickel/Chrome 96 hours salt. Comprehensive hardness testing.


TPi 6 Spline, 8 Point Tuner and Hex Socket Lug Nut are designed to fit perfectly in Small Diameter Tuner Style Wheels.

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