TPi set out to create a regular bolt for the luxury and European market, and went far beyond industry standards to bring a product to the market that is unmatched in quality.

Advanced Patented Design

When TPi created the round bolt, they set out to maintain all the physical properties of regular lug bolts, but with improved characteristics. Finished in black to perfectly complement black aftermarket alloy wheels.

Smart Design

TPi round bolts are able to be installed and removed with a 17mm hex socket. Their design is also a great deterrent to would-be thieves as many believe them to require a special removal tool. We also sell matching black lock bolts to further secure your prized rims.

Even more torque

TPi round bolt is flattened on the side with tapered edge to provide more surface area for the torque distributed evenly.

Heat dissipation

TPi round bolt provides more surface area, which dissipate the heat created by the revolution of the wheel while running.

Perfect fit

Slightly tapered edges on top of the round bolt allow a smooth and tight fit for the bolt and socket.

Polarised Bolts & Locks

Our TPi Polarised bolts have all the quality features of our regular bolts, but have a standard hex for fastening, and have the unique neo-chrome polarised finish from that will not fade or tarnish. Give your wheels that special touch.

Tuner Bolts

Our TPi tuner spline bolts are designed specifically for use with wheels that have smaller bolt pockets that cannot accept a standard wheel socket.

SCM 435, Chrome Vanadium or Chrome Molybdenum

Triple Nickel/Chrome

Triple Nickel/Chrome 96 hours salt. Comprehensive hardness testing.


6 spline tuner, external drive, tapered seat, dual hex socket, sliding design.

Complete sets
We can also supply full sets of tuner bolts with matching locks.

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